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I am an instrument builder from the Netherlands, designing new musical instruments since 2003.
Here are some of my featured instruments, or see the menu above.

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  1. Walter Nelson says:

    Hi, Very nice looking 17 note linear kalimba. Are you you making these for sale to public yet? I live in USA.
    Regards, Walter

    1. admin says:

      Hi Walter,
      I put up a short video of the new kalimba, see the kalimba page or:

  2. Martyn Robinson says:

    Hello I’m in Australia and recently saw your clip with your 5 tone jaw harp and was very interested. I often get asked to play backing for other instruments with my jawharps but find I often have to scrabble through the bag of them to find the one in the right key. With yours I would only need to find it and could play in most common keys. Is yours as loud as other jaw harps or does it need amplification? Also can the tangs be played rapidly with a back and forwards plucking or only a forwards pluck? Thanks in advance for your answers.

  3. Jorge says:

    i am interested in buying one of this instrument. How do I get one to buy?