8-tone Tongue Drums – Metal and Wood

8-Tone Tonguedrums in metal or wood – Fully Tuneable

I have extended the design of my tongue drums to instruments with 8 tones and I make them with metal (aluminium) or wooden tongues.

These instruments have a range of more than 2 octaves, from about C3 to E5.

The wood and metal 8-tone tongue drums

The 8-tone tongue drums – wood and metal

Each tongue is individually attached to a solid hardwood base. The tongues can be removed and exchanged, so you are completely free in the layout of the instrument.
They come with a total of 10 tongues, so you have lots of options in the tunings you want to implement.

These are the tongues that are included with their nominal range. In practice you can even get about 2 semitones up or down from the range listed.

  • 1x: C3 to F3
  • 1x: E3 to B3
  • 1x: G3 to D4
  • 1x: A3 to F4
  • 2x: C4 to A4
  • 2x: E4 to C5
  • 2x: G4 to F5

For a total of 10 tongues

The hardwood base holding the tongues has a flexible connection to a (removable) stand. This prevents the dampening of the tongues and makes sure they can vibrate clearly. Also two mallets are included.

The price of the tonguedrum is 240 Euro or 288 USD; Shipping in Europe is around 25 to 35 Euro, and in the EU zone there is 21% VAT added. Shippping to the USA is around 65 USD.