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High Range Kalimba Prototype

High range kalimba prototype An experiment with the top half octave for the chromatic kalimba, containing the tones F5 – C6, including the accidentals. So that is up to 2 octaves above the central C.

6-Tone Wood Tongue Drum in a different tuning

Made this one for a musician in Belgium who requested this particular tuning: A – C – E – G – B – D. With the open thirds there is less of a tonal center. I had only a few days to play on it, but I found this simple but fun rhythm on it.

Moving my workshop

Moving… We have to change address, and of course my workshop has to come along. Luckily the new place has enough room for my tools and materials, and there I will continue with the kalimbas and mouth harps.

WP site live

WordPress site live Going live with my wordpress site. If you see any glaring omissions, or have anything else to say, feel free to leave me a comment. Looks are similar to the old static site but now I can easily add blog posts and have comments.