Bamboo Bass Kalimba (Marimbula)

Bamboo Bass Kalimba

Bamboo Bass

Bamboo Bass Kalimba

This chromatic bass instrument has tines made from bamboo slats. The tines are shaped to generate an additional overtone one octave above the fundamental. This increases the definition of the bass tones.

  • 20 tones
  • 1 ½ octaves range from C2 to G3
  • size: 67 x 42 x 20 cm
  • weight 10 kg
  • Includes a piezo pickup system with output jack

The Bamboo Bass has a pleasant ‘woody’ sound. It is not a very loud instrument, but adequate for use at home or in the studio. The built-in pickups allow for amplification if you need more volume. This video demonstrates the features of the bamboo bass:

There are 2 instruments available at this time. The price of the Bamboo Bass is 695 Euro for customers in the European Union + 21% sales tax (146 Euro). Shipping in the EU is about 35 – 40 Euro. The price for customers outside of the EU is 800 USD. Shipping to the USA would be about 85 USD.

Please send me an email if you are interested in this instrument.

Here an explanation of the overtune tuning, demonstrated on a prototype of the bass kalimba