Chromatic Kalimba

The new Chromatic Kalimba – a piano kalimba

I have been receiving regular requests for the chromatic kalimba over the years. Now, with the lasercutting technology I used for the Linear Kalimba, I have designed a chromatic kalimba that I can offer for a reasonable price.

the 3 octaves chromatic kalimba

the 3 octaves chromatic kalimba

  • 37 tones
  • 3 octaves chromatically, from G2 to G5
  • Notes are layed out like a piano keyboard and can be played with the fingers or thumbs
  • Size: 56 cm x 39 cm x 15 cm; weight is about 10 kg
  • Multiple resonance chambers
  • Floating soundboard for a decent volume and bass response
  • Built-in pickups for amplification


The third batch of instruments is sold now. The next series will be available at the end of 2018.

The price of the chromatic kalimba is 877 Euro for customers in the European Union (this includes 21% sales tax). Shipping in the EU costs around 30 Euro. The price for customers outside of the EU is 845 USD plus about 68 USD shipping. For payments via PayPal, there is a 4,5% premium to cover their costs.

Please send me an email if you are interested in this instrument.

Here is a recording of the four instruments of the third series (models no. 8 – 11), without any effects or editing of the sound:

And here a piece of music on one of the new chromatic kalimbas:

3 octaves chromatic kalimba

3 octaves range G2 – G5 on the chromatic kalimba

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