Chromatic Kalimba

The Chromatic Kalimba – a piano kalimba

I have had frequent requests for a chromatic kalimba over the years. Now, with the lasercutting technology I used for the Linear Kalimba, I have designed a chromatic kalimba that I can offer for a reasonable price.

chromatic kalimba side view

chromatic kalimba – current version

  • 37 tones
  • 3 octaves chromatically, from G2 to G5
  • Notes are layed out like a piano keyboard and can be played with the fingers or thumbs
  • Size: 56 cm x 39 cm x 15 cm; weight is about 9.5 kg
  • Multiple resonance chambers
  • Floating soundboard for a clear sound level and bass response
  • Built-in pickups for amplification

The instrument has spring-tempered steel tines, aluminium brackets and a birch plywood case. I changed from using bamboo wood because that was too sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. There are 2 pickup systems each with their own output jack, so you can get a nice stereo sound. It comes in a simple but sturdy cardboard box.

Here a first video, when I was using bamboo for the case:

There is a waiting list for the chromatic kalimba. If you send me a message, I will put you on the list and contact you when an instrument comes available. Currently there is await of about 6 months.

The price of the chromatic kalimba is 962 Euro for customers in the European Union (this includes 21% sales tax). Shipping in the EU is around 35 Euro. The price for customers outside of the EU is 954 USD plus about 100 USD shipping (for the USA), and a coverage for PayPal payments.

Please send me an email if you are interested in this instrument.

Here a recording of the acoustic sound:

And the sound of the built-in pickups on one of the new chromatic kalimbas:

chromatic kalimba

3 octaves range G2 – G5 on the chromatic kalimba

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