Tong Gong

the Tong Gong, a new metallophone

single Tong Gong

The Tong Gong on its (removable) handle

The Tong Gong is a new musical instrument, a metal tongue drum that is related to the family of kalimba’s and great new instruments like the HAPI drum, the Milltone. But the TongGong has some unique advantages.

The 6 metal tongues are attached to a wooden base. The tongues can be changed and placed in any configuration, and each tongue can be tuned over a range of several tones. Furthermore, the tongues can be fine-tuned very precisely. This makes a great variety of tunings and configurations possible.

Each of the 6 metal tongues has a different length and can be tuned over the following ranges (note: these are the nominal ranges, with some effort, you can get a half-tone lower or higher than these tones)

  • f – a (F3 – A3)
  • g – c’ (G3 – C4)
  • c’ – f’ (C4 – F4)
  • d’ – g’ (D4 – G4)
  • f’ – c’’ (F4 – C5)
  • a’ – g’’ (A4 – G5)


Double Tong Gong

An extra dimension of sound opens  when you play 2 or more TongGongs together. You get a very spatial and animated sound as the tones of the gongs interact. Each can have its own tuning.

Triple Tong Gong

Triple TongGong Set

The Triple TongGong Set being played

Taking this idea one step further, the Triple Tong Gong Set was created. The 3 TongGongs can be mounted on a stand and played by a single person.

Triple TongGong Set stacked

Triple TongGong Set stacked for storage

Or you can divide up the tonggongs between 2 or 3 people and play them together.

This instrument is available upon request.
A single Tong Gong is 100 Euro; please send a message if you are interested.
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  1. admin says:

    more Tong Gong videos on my YouTube channel

  2. ramani says:

    Are they available in the USA or Costa Rica

    1. admin says:

      All instruments can be shipped world-wide. Best to send me an email, as the comments get a lot of spam.

  3. Wolfgang Steuerle says:

    Beautiful instrument. May I know how you record it? Pickup? Microphone?
    Also I’d like to know how you mount it to the stand.
    Kind regards,

    1. admin says:

      For recordings I have a pair of AKG microphones that I put about 50 – 100 cm away from the instruments. I have not tried contact mikes with the tonggong yet, but I guess you could attach them to the base.

      The base of each tonggong has a hole that is mounted onto a rubber stop fixed on a wooden frame This makes it firm enough to keep it in place, but with enough flexibility to not dampen the sound.