Wood Tongue Drum

Wood Tongue Drum, 6-tone and 4-tone

6 tone wood tongue drumThe wooden 6-tone Wood Tongue Drum is a close relative to the TongGong. The 6 hardwood tongues are tuned to fixed tones. Mostly I use the following tuning: a – c – e’ – g’ – a’ – c’’ which gives an Cmaj/Amin7 harmony. Other tunings are also possible.


The tones can be fined-tuned by applying a little wax to the tongues.

You can play it with mallets or with your fingers. It is like a handheld drum kit with 6 different sounds.

In this video clip, 2 Tongue Drums are played together; one tuned to Emin, the other to Amin.

4-tone Wood Tongue Drum

The 4-tone Tongue Drum isa personal rhythm instruments with 4 clear, not too loud tones. This instrument is well suited for finger playing, though a mallet can be used for a louder tone. The handle can be removed.
The tuning used is: a – c – e’ – g’


This instrument is available upon request.
The 6-tone Tongue Drum costs 100 Euro; the 4-tone is 60 Euro. Please send a message if you are interested.


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  1. Aiko Devriendt says:


    I’m as astonished as interested on seeing this website and more specific, this instrument!
    Is it possible to communicate about how I could get one?

    Kind regards!

    1. admin says:

      Thanks, feel free to send me an email at info@tonginstruments.com